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Professional Non-Binary, LGBT+ Voice Actor

British Northern, RP and American Accents

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Professional Non-Binary, LGBT+ Voice Actor

British Northern, RP and American Accents

Mocap Reel coming soon

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A Cry in the Moon's Light Eli (1).png
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Testimonials Coming Soon

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About Me

Elizabeth Nightingale is a professional, non-binary Voice Actor based in the UK. They are fully remote capable and willing to travel to hub cities for work.

They have been voice acting since 2013, working in all areas of voice over. Elizabeth has a versatile voice, ranging from sweet and light to rough with an attitude.

Elizabeth is best known for their work in video games such as the lead character, Angie, in Burnhouse Lane, boasting over 10,000 voice lines recorded for this role. As well as other titles such as the hit mobile game, Nations of Darkness, Grimlord and more. They have also voiced Galadriel from Lord of the Rings in an officially licensed commercial, and has voiced for L'Oréal.

In addition to their voice work, Elizabeth is fully trained in motion capture and performance capture, specialising in video game roles. Elizabeth is also a wonderful singer.

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Broadcast Quality Home Studio

Raw Studio Tour

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Microphone:       RODE NT1-A

Interface:            Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

DAW:                 Adobe Audition

Sound Treatment: Custom Made Recording Booth

Internet:              900 Download, 100 Upload

Connectivity:       Source Connect, Zoom, Discord

Studio Extras:      RODE Pop Filter, RODE Microphone Arm,                               Shock Mount, Dual Monitors in booth,                                     Mouse + Keyboard in booth, Logitech C922                           Webcam, Ring Light, Optional Cable Splitter,                           Optional Quiklok Microphone Stand.

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