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Professional Non-Binary, LGBT+ Voice Actor

British Northern, RP and American Accents

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Professional Non-Binary, LGBT+ Voice Actor

British Northern, RP and American Accents

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Commercial Reel

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Gaming Reel

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Raw Studio Tour

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Mocap Reel coming Q4 2023

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From Evil Queens and Friendly Innkeepers, to children and creatures, Sarah can portray a huge variety of character voices, whether it's serious or a classic cartoon, Sarah will find the right voice for your character.



Slow, powerful reads. Upbeat and friendly. Heated and emotional. Sarah has a style to fit your commercial. Contact them today for a consultation, and we'll find the perfect voice for your business!

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Sarah Nightingale

A British Voice and Performance Capture Actor with a library of over 100 different voices, comprised of different accents, pitches, tones and characteristics. Sarah is an extremely versatile character Actor and Narrator, with the added bonus of being a master of Vocal Distortion techniques.


With a decade of Voice Acting experience under their belts, Sarah is both adaptable and experienced. Always striving to go the extra mile to ensure the client is comfortable, confident, and happy with their service!

Sarah has an industry standard home studio, and is fully remote capable for Voice Overs and Performance Capture, though they are London Accessible and are more than happy to record in-studio when needed! Sarah is also trained in Motion and Performance Capture.

Friendly, directable and experienced!

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Broadcast Quality Home Studio

Microphone:       RODE NT1-A

Interface:            Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

DAW:                 Adobe Audition

Sound Treatment: Custom Made Recording Booth

Internet:              900 Download, 100 Upload

Connectivity:       Source Connect, Zoom, Discord

Studio Extras:      RODE Pop Filter, RODE Microphone Arm,                               Shock Mount, Dual Monitors in booth,                                     Mouse + Keyboard in booth, Logitech C922                           Webcam, Ring Light, Optional Cable Splitter,                           Optional Quiklok Microphone Stand.

Classes, Workshops & Coaching

Sarah's Voice Acting Classes, Workshops and Coaching sessions are designed for Voice Actors of all skill and experience levels.

They offer classes in a setting that promotes a good balance of information, fun and practical experience. People of all backgrounds and identities are welcome, and if you have any accessibility requests, please contact Sarah directly or when booking. Visible pronouns and webcams are encouraged but not mandatory.

Currently, Sarah offers several workshops on a rotation every other Saturday. Coaching sessions can be booked any day except Sundays, see the booking calendar for availability.

Check out the Voice Over Training page below to see class information and student testimonials.

Previous Training:

  • Video Game Motion Capture and Voice Acting - Performance Captured Academy, Neil Newbon and Joshua Wichard

  • Extreme Vocals for Extreme Roles - Michael Schwalbe

  • Creature & Monster Sounds for Videogames - Sébastien Croteau

  • Theatre Training and Characterisation - Duke of Edinburgh

  • BTEC Performing Arts - Montgomery

  • BSc Psychology - Manchester Metropolitan University

Previous Experience:

  • 600+ paid roles across all areas of voice acting and voice overs

  • 15 years in video and audio production

  • 9 years in voice acting

  • ADR: live and self-directed

  • Video game VO terminology/expertise

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